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AA32:Akiyesi i.........Sho ye ki a ma fi owo ranshe si ile abi ko ye/2.

This is indeed a crisis virtually every family back home has at least one person in the diaspora.

likewise, people in the diaspora have families, extended family members and other people back home looking unto them for one thing or another but there are so important factors that determine whether you will be able to render the needed assistance and support most especially financially or not. This has everything to do with the exchange rate, the transfer agent other determinates like their immigration status their circumstances are they employed, can they afford it because the bottom line is you can only give what you have irrespective of where you are in diaspora because there are different situations and circumstances there is more to it than meet the eye.
 Ese te e teti simi. 
Aku apero o o o. 
Ema shalai fi ero o yin han ninu comments o. 
Thank you for listening and watching! 
Do feel free to comment your take on today's call for Akiyesi i.
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