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AA I7:Akiyesi i .......... Ji jija ebi ati aileso mabinu/1.

This issue is one of the many ills of our community and society. It's really sad, bad and appalling the very state of injustice being witnessed in our mist we can make a change by letting justice prevail, admitting to a fault and saying sorry.
Admitting to a fault and saying sorry is so scarce to come by these days.

Our community is filled to the brims with causalities of this

simple yet difficult and at times almost mission  impossible task of

simply admitting:


A lot  are badly wounded, while some are still nursing the hurt and

pain from it and the salt of not apologising at times makes

it worse as more often than none fracas ensues.

Hunje e mahun gba pe e tie jebi bi?

Hunje e mahun jija ebi bi?

Hunje e mahun she unkan to le mu yin jebi?

Hunje  e tie  mahun so mabinu rara bi?

Hunje e tie le so mabinu si omolakeji bi?

O ma da ki elebi gbebi ki alaree si gbare pelu ke je ki ogun o mi i

ki alafia le joba lawujo wa.

Eje ki a she atun she o o o

Ese te e teti simi.

Aku apero o o o.

E ma shalai fi ero o yin han ninu comments o.

Thank you for listening and watching!


Do feel free to comment your take on today's call for Akiyesi i

Aku eto o o o.
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