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AA21:Akiyesi i.......Iwa lewa,iwa lesin omo eniyan/1.

Our Community is plagued with'' L..G..B..M..E: Lack of Good Behavioral Manner etiquette disease''.
It is a deficiency on the increase and causing havoc in our community's behavioural health. Good healthy behavioural manner etiquette is a jewel of inestimable value and wealth to all in possession of it. Good behaviour is a quality of immeasurable worth that although seems outdated, is a rare phenomenon that is highly valued and appreciated when encountered in its true and pure form and indeed a beauty to behold. Truth be told good behavioural etiquette is at its last stage of a face out in our community as good behavioural conduct, respectfulness, politeness, courteousness and sound behavioural decorum are non-existence in our behavioural spectrum these days. This negates our cultural standard and value placed on good behavioural manner etiquette that our culture imparts on us lets retrace our steps before its too late.
Tori tiroo ti hun ye die die loju opo o o o.

Eje ki a jo she awari iwa ka wa lawa ri i.

Iwa lewa omo eniyan

Iwa loba awure

Iwa le si bee esin si ni iwa pelu

Iwa ni mu ni di eni iyi,aponle lawujo

tosi le so ni di eni abuku,esin ati eni yepere

nidakeji ewe e.ejeki akiyesi iwa wa ka she esin

Iwa wa dada gbogbo ibi ti oba kusi.

elo she atunshe o o o.

Eje ki a she atun she o o o

Ese te e teti simi.

Aku apero o o o.

E ma shalai fi ero o yin han ni nu comments o. 

Thank you for listening and watching!


Do feel free to comment your take on today's call for Akiyesi i 

Aku eto o o o.

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