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AA4:Akiyesi i..........Omo omooshin amukun eru e wo.

 E LO FI TI KESARI FUN KESARI O O O O! E SHE ATUN SHE. OMO is important in the Yoruba culture and omo is gotten by any means, possible hun!

Omo omooshin eje ka toju awon omowa dada o o o.
Gbogbo unkan to baa ye ke she fun won e she o o o.
Emojuto gbogbo unkan ti o to o o, ti o si ye, to nilo amojuto yin lori won o o o.
E ranti igbese tie gbe, ipaase ti e to o ki e to di olomo o o o.
E lo she atun she o o o.
If only we knew what our parents did, went through just to
have us, if only we knew where they got us from if only we as
parents today can remember the journey we embarked on
just to have a child of our own irrespective of our various
religious beliefs. It will help us have a better understanding of
the dynamics about circumstances, problems and situations
facing us today. We need to know our source where we are
from, gotten from, the circumstances surrounding our births.
Amukun eru e wo oke lehun wo ewo isale. 
E lo she atun she o o o.
Ese te e teti simi.
Aku apero o o o.
E ma shalai fi ero o yin han ninu comments o. 
Thank you for listening and watching!
Do feel free to comment your take on today's call for Akiyesi i  
Aku eto o o o.
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