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AA3:Akiyesi i..........Hun un un! Obi oni Ana ola/3.

Orishirishi obi............Orishirishi ana.Iru u obi  wo ni e je e leni?

Iru u ana ola wo gan lema je,fe e je?

Hunje eti e mo o pe obi oni ni ana ola bi i?

When we as parents individually, our community and society 

generally, are found wanting with regards to M..A..R..R..I..A..G..E  

where does that leave our children the next generation?

We have houses! 

We are busy building houses!! 

But not H...O...M...E...S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Where are the home builders?

O gba ero o o,eje ka ro o dada o o ka ma fi eni baa ola je o o.

Eshe atun she o o o .

Ese te e teti simi.

Aku apero o o o.

E ma shalai fi ero o yin han ninu comments o. 

Thank you for listening and watching!


Do feel free to comment your take on today's call for Akiyesi i

Aku eto o o o.

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