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DIYPT/4:Listening,paying attension ti Teti si awon omowa.

Eti inu ni ejo hun lo o o atipe eti toba gbo alo oye ko gbo abo o o o. Listening and paying attention to our children, creating and giving them the needed room to talk to us about anything is very important.
As communication is free flow traffic both ways as opposed to the one-way flow a misconception of parent/children communication. it's a joint active, participatory and engaging flow of information between both parents and their wards. do put it into practice and use it often do give it a trial :-)


Ese te e teti simi.

Aku apero o o o.

E ma shalai fi ero o yin han ninu comments o. 

Thank you for listening and watching!


Do feel free to comment your take on today's Elo Irinshe Obi. 

Aku eto o o o.

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