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AA11:Akiyesi i.........Penkelemesi enikan lo mo yakayama saga /3.reloaded

LEARNINGYORUBA:Esi/Idahun fun IKini;Response to Grettingsi(MFKEM )V7.

Mo Fe Ko Ede Mi : Esi/Idahun fun IKini - Response to greetings.

LEARNINGYORUBA:Esi/Idahun fun IKini;Response to Greetings(MFKEM )V6

Mo Fe Ko Ede Mi: Esi/Idahun fun IKini.- Response to greetings.


Mo Fe Ko Ede Mi: Hello, Welcome, Goodbye.

LEARNINGYORUBA: Gender greeting Kneeling and Prostrating(MFKEM)V4.

Mo Fe Ko Ede Mi: Gender greeting-Kneeling and Prostrating
identifying the two genders and what they are called in Yoruba 
and how to properly demonstrate greetings in Yoruba.

She o she yin ri? V5: iru obi wo leni? ta lo to yin?.

She o she yin ri?  iru obi wo leni? ta lo to yin?

She o she yin ri? V4: Ayika ile ti egbe.

She o she yin ri? Ayika ile ti egbe.

She OShe Yin Ri i?V3:Igbati e hun dagba?

Igbati e hun dagba She OShe Yin Ri i?

It's good to be back.

 its good to be back

DIYPT/13: Emotional expression.

Being able to identify and name whatever emotional feelings being felt at any particular point in time is very important irrespective of the age or stage you're in.

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