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If Britain Could Exit The EU….👍YOREXIT❕

🤡 Buhari Is Impossibly Stupid😜

🐮Cow and Blood🩸Democracy

Yoruba Folklore of 🦊The Fox And 🐔The Cock In Contemporary Nigeria

Politicians🤥 VS 😶The People

🤐Silence is not GOLDEN!🤥WHERE ARE THE OBAS❔🏃 - Aitaleabiamo

🤔Can Nigeria fight🥊 Igbo and Yoruba simultaneously?

Ahmad Gumi ''A Fulani Jackass Nincompoop''❗

Fulani Rulers And🐮 Herders Living 🌍A World Apart

🤔Amnesty for bandits and killer-herdsmen❓

Pedophilia: The Shame of A Nation🤐: Baba Ijesha,The Poster boy

Ahmed Bola Tinubu 👓 aka Amoda Lamidi Sangodele - Nigeria’s Pablo Escobar?

Rampaging🐮 Herdsmen And Entitlement Mentality

As Fulani Lunatics Run Their Own Asylum 🏃 Yorubas Are Ready For 🙌 Oduduwa Nation

South-West Governors Are Feckless, Spineless Cowards😠

''Where Is Magu? 💭 Used, Dumped And Forgotten''❔


Between Malami’s spare parts and southern governors’ cows

🙅The North & Her Bandits

listen here

The Fulani Republic Of 🐮 Cows!

listen here

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