AA38:Akiyesi i. .......Ta nika? sebi Ara ni ika! /3.


AA37:Akiyesi i. .......Ta nika? sebi Ara ni ika! /2.


Gbogbo eya ara wa lo ni ika tie oju nika,enu nika,imu nika,

AA36:Akiyesi i.... .......Ta nika? sebi Ara ni ika! /1.

Tan nika
Tan ni oshi ka?

Ta le mo nika?

AA35::Akiyesi i.........Sho ye ki a ma fi owo ranshe si ile abi ko ye/5.

Hunje oye tabi koye ki awon ara ile magbe bukata wa ba ara oke -

okun bi?

AA34:Akiyesi i.........Sho ye ki a ma fi owo ranshe si ile abi ko ye/4.

They need to know the real picture of what goes on behind the scene because all that's known to them is they make demands, its either you meet their demands with full amount or not, a little amount which often leads to grudges and at times full blown WAR!
But diasporans are part of the blame too because they make empty broken promises that they can't fulfil leaving people hanging if you can't be their solution don't make their situation worse psychologically.
 People back home stop mounting ridiculous pressure on diasporans.
 it's unhealthy emotionally, psychologically and mentally.
The meltdown from the pressure is not good for both parties
we should both be considerate of one another
 let's stop exploiting each other. 

Ese te e teti simi. 

Aku apero o o o. 

Ema shalai fi ero o yin han ninu comments o. 

Thank you for listening and watching! 


Do feel free to comment your take on today's call for Akiyesi i. 

AA33:Akiyesi i.........Sho ye ki a ma fi owo ranshe si ile abi ko ye/3.

So that is why I think its time for us to think of the way forward and the only way forward is to bring everything out in the open.

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