AA38:Akiyesi i. .......Ta nika? sebi Ara ni ika! /3.

Ta nika? sebi Ara ni ika! /3.

AA37:Akiyesi i. .......Ta nika? sebi Ara ni ika! /2.

Gbogbo eya ara wa lo ni ika tie oju nika,enu nika,imu nika,

AA36:Akiyesi i.... .......Ta nika? sebi Ara ni ika! /1.

Tan nikaTan ni oshi ka? Ta le mo nika?

AA35::Akiyesi i.........Sho ye ki a ma fi owo ranshe si ile abi ko ye/5.

Hunje oye tabi koye ki awon ara ile magbe bukata wa ba ara oke -okun bi?

AA34:Akiyesi i.........Sho ye ki a ma fi owo ranshe si ile abi ko ye/4.

They need to know the real picture of what goes on behind the scene because all that's known to them is they make demands, its either you meet their demands with the full amount or not, a little amount which often leads to grudges and at times full-blown WAR!

AA33:Akiyesi i.........Sho ye ki a ma fi owo ranshe si ile abi ko ye/3.

So that is why I think its time for us to think of the way forward and the only way forward is to bring everything out in the open.

AA27:Akiyesi i......Asan Lori Asan/3.


AA26:Akiyesii......Asan Lori Asan/2.

The longest journey that any living human being will ever embark upon is the journey of 9mths and 10CM.

AA25:Akiyesii......Asan Lori Asan/1

The longest journey that any living human being will ever embark upon is the journey of 9mths and 10CM while the shortest journey is that split seconds of last breath and 6FT.


As a parent irrespective of whether you are a couple or lone parent always take the time to look after yourself, to relax and do 


Being a lone parent can be quite demanding and stressful but there 

DIYPT/9: Balancing home and work OTO LAYE ILE OTO LAYE ISE.

Stress from home can impact our performance at work and vice

DIYPT/8: One unified voice IPANUPO ati IFOOHUN SOKAN.

it's always good for parents to be on the same page to use and

AA22:Akiyesi i.......Iwa lewa omo eniyan/2

Good behaviour is a quality of immeasurable worth that although seems outdated,

AA21:Akiyesi i.......Iwa lewa,iwa lesin omo eniyan/1.

Our Community is plagued with'' L..G..B..M..E: Lack of Good Behavioral Manner etiquette disease''.

DIYPT/1: Eye contact ojukoro,ifojurinju.

E kabo si abala : Irinshe fun ise obi ni shishe.

DIYPT Recap of part one of DIY Parental Tools.

A quick recap and what to expect next. it's for all ages do give it a trial :-)

DIYPT/7:consequences and rewards.Ere igboran ati aigboran

since we now have house rules next is rewarding good behaviour 

DIYPT/6 :Houserules ofin Inu ìlè wa a.

 ilu ti ko ba ti si ofin eshe o si i. our lives is governed by rules we all have all kinds of rules and regulations

DIYPT/5:Patience suru ati amuojukuro.

Ogba Suru o o o ki a si ni amuoju Kuro o o o. patience is a virtue loads of it is highly recommended trust me as a parent you need it.let it be the air you breathe.

DIYPT/4:Listening,paying attension ti Teti si awon omowa.

Eti inu ni ejo hun lo o o atipe eti toba gbo alo oye ko gbo abo o o o. Listening and paying attention to our children, creating and giving them the needed room to talk to us about anything is very important.

DIYPT/3:Praising,encouraging yiniyini.

Yini yini keni o she mi i. Praising and encouraging our children often as a tool has a positive effect on them it boosts their self-esteem and confidence.

DIYPT/2:Giving instructions iranni nishe,jijishe.

Giving instruction properly is an effective tool for positive parenting.

AA19:Akiyesi i i .............Ji jija ebi ati aileso mabinu/3.

                                      ''MO MOPE MO SE E MA BINU DARI JIN MI''.

AA18:Akiyesi i i .............Ji jija ebi ati aileso mabinu/2

Admitting to the fault and saying sorry is so scarce to come by these days. our community is filled to the brims with causalities of this simple yet difficult and at times almost mission  impossible task of simply admitting:

AA I7:Akiyesi i .......... Ji jija ebi ati aileso mabinu/1.

This issue is one of the many ills of our community and society. It's really sad, bad and appalling the very state of injustice being witnessed in our mist we can make a change by letting justice prevail, admitting to a fault and saying sorry.

AA16:Akiyesi i........ Penkelemisi yakayama saga /2.reloaded


AA9:Akiyesi i.........Penkelemesi enikan lo mo yakayama saga.reloaded

PENKELEMESI PECULIAR MESS. A peculiar mess epidemic that is eating deep into the fabric of our homes and community.

AA14:Àkiyesi i............She awon omo yi tabili yin ka

Hunje ehun jehun po pelu awon omo yin bi i? Eje ka ma jeun po pelu awon omo wa.

AA13:Akiyesi i......Ohun iso ro o wa a hun un un eyin lohun o o o !

Pele oni Ako oni Abo o o o.

Hunje eti e mo pe eyin lohun bi i?

Hunje e ti e fi erosi ke to so ohun kohun?

AA12:Akiyesi i..........Siso ejo o ati ese e nigbati o to nigbati o ye

Ojowo leti so ejo o pls ati ese thankyou gbe yin? She e ti e ma a so rara?

AA11:Akiyesi i........Oge grooming awon omo wa

She efi oge shishe ko awon omo yin bi i? Hunje e ti mo pe oge shishe fun awon omo wa ko ju:

AA10:Akiyesi i.......Eko ìlè ise ìlè she Pataki o

Hunje eti e fi eko ile komo bi i? Hunje e eti e fi ise ile komo bi i? Abi she ni e ma hun so pe haa omo ilu oyinbo ni i?

AA9:Akiyesi i......ewa ede wa siso o ka fi komo she patakii pupo o.

Hunje e hun so ede abinibi yin si awon omo yin bi i? Hunje won ti e gbo ede,le so ede yin?

AA 8:Akiyesi i........ikini

Hun je e hun ki awon omo yin karo  bi i? Hunje awon naa ki i yin bi i?

AA7:Akiyesi i........Oro ibalopo oye ki a ba awon omo wa so o o/3.

Hunje gege bi obi e mahun ba omo soro lori ibalopo bi i? 

AA 6:Akiyesi i........Oro ibalopo oye ki a ba awon omo wa so o o/2.

Do you talk to your children about sex at all? Are you as a parent imparting the much-needed knowledge of sexual moral decorum to your children?

AA 5:Akiyesi i........Oro ibalopo oye ki a ba awon omo wa so o o/1

Hunje gege bi obi e mahun ba omo soro lori ibalopo bi i? 

AA4:Akiyesi i..........Omo omooshin amukun eru e wo.

 E LO FI TI KESARI FUN KESARI O O O O! E SHE ATUN SHE. OMO is important in the Yoruba culture and omo is gotten by any means, possible hun!

AA3:Akiyesi i..........Hun un un! Obi oni Ana ola/3.

Orishirishi obi............Orishirishi ana.Iru u obi  wo ni e je e leni?

AA 2:Akiyesi i.......Ta gan lo ye ka pe lobi?/2.

KO O MA A  RO O O KI I LO O O KAN KO O O WA A WA.Atipe ta gan loye kape lo bi i ? Who is a parent?

AA1:Akiyesi i........ki gan ni obi?/1.

Hun! ki gan lobi iKi gan ni ise ti a hun pie ni obi?.

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